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By whitney | October 15, 2013

Fridge Tour 11

Catherine has graciously allowed us to sneak a peek into her refrigerator and freezer and share some of her secrets for food organizing success.

Fridge Tour 4

As you can see, Catherine groups items by similarity and then assigns their home by frequency of use. She likes to keep the shelves open for the food she has cooked herself, placing the healthier items towards the top/eye level shelves. She read that we tend to gravitate to the food we see first, so keeping healthy items at the top = healthier eating. Who knew?

Fridge Tour 5

Catherine likes to eat nuts but was finding that storing them in their original packaging was an inconvenience.  She heard that nuts do better when refrigerated and discovered these upright, airtight glass containers at the Container Store.  Putting them on a Lazy Susan results in even easier access.

Fridge Tour 7

This egg holder serves a dual purpose.. First, it holds eggs, of course. Second, it stores Catherine’s daily vitamins, which she divides out on Sundays so they are ready for the week. Her vitamins also last longer when stored in the refrigerator.

Fridge Tour 6

Catherine’s bottom two shelves are reserved for produce that needs to be kept cool. She participates in a farm share, so her refrigerator is always full of seasonal fruits and veggies. Leafy greens live in the top drawer, and smaller, more individual items like peppers, cucumbers, and such live in the bottom drawer.

Fridge Tour 8

Since Catherine likes to keep her shelves open for cooked food, she tries to fit as much as possible into her door shelves.

Fridge Tour 9

Catherine’s top door shelf stores her vitamins (the ones that aren’t already sorted and in the egg holder) and smoothie ingredients. The second shelf holds her condiments.

Fridge Tour 10

The bottom two shelves house overflow condiments and liquids such as juice and chicken broth.

Fridge Tour 2

Fridge Tour

Catherine’s freezer contains pull out bins that are arranged in different categories, such as Berries, Other Fruits and Veggies. She found the bins at the Container Store, and they fit perfectly in her shelves. Bins from another store would work great as well; just look for a handle and a place for a label.

Fridge Tour 1

Catherine keeps the produce that doesn’t need to be refrigerated out in white ceramic bowls. This allows her easy access and they also look pretty:)

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