Clean Out Your Files

By whitney | October 22, 2013

Photo via I Heart Organizing

Photo via I Heart Organizing

Happy Clean Out Your Files Month! We just celebrated Love Your Files week in September with fun file options but now it’s time to whip them shape!

Listen up: 80% of the papers we file are never used again. There is no need to keep anything that has become useless, it only makes it harder to find what you actually need.

Set yourself a chunk of time, be it in 15 minute increments or one 3 hour span. Grab the timer and get after it!

Step one: Begin by taking out each file and determining if it is still relevant and meaningful to your life. If not, toss. When tossing, make sure to differentiate papers which can just be recycled from ones with confidential info that need to be shredded.

Step two: Left only with the files you still need and want, look through each paper to determine if it is active and will stay in the file, needs to be archived and moved elsewhere, or let go.

Step three: Determine if there are any active papers in need of a file or if any files need renaming.

Step four: Move archived papers to appropriate place; be it a memorabilia file/box, tax files or elsewhere you store inactive papers.

Step five: Personally shred or take papers to a shredding service.

Step six: Put up your feet and marvel at your beautifully culled files!

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