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Client Testimonials

  1. We LOVE our happy, clean and organized garage! I was dreading the process, but you made it easy. I am amazed at how much you two accomplished in a short amount of time. It used to be stressful every time we parked our cars and now there is peace. A huge weight has been lifted off of our whole family and we are so grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

    M. Hopper, homemaker
  2. I am naturally an unorganized person and have purchased multiple organization books, but I somehow never got around to reading them. So when I moved, I decided, it's TIME to ask for all in a row's help! WOW. I had no idea how much being organized makes my household and, in turn, my life, run much more efficiently. From cooking, to getting ready for work, to paying bills and to doing the dreaded laundry, there is a better flow to my life. I feel more relaxed in my new place. Catherine's professional, nonjudgmental approach also made it easy to let someone in my personal space and to be open to making organizational changes which I desperately needed. She also works quickly. We didn't just TALK about what I needed to do, we DID what we could THAT DAY as a team and she was excellent with following up with me to complete the overall plan. Worth EVERY penny!"

    Jennifer Fries, Student Affairs Coordinator, the Arts Institute
  3. I thought it was normal to have to re-organize and clean my yoga studio's storage closet twice a year. After working with Catherine, I understand why I could never keep my closets organized. Catherine went through each item to define its purpose and place. After helping me determine what was important and logically where it should be stored, she rebuilt my closet into a truly clutter-proof space. Every item has a clearly defined home and the closet has a systematic flow to it. I have over twenty employees that use the closet daily and after six months, it still looks just like the day she left. Catherine's ability to organize and clear space is invaluable. Now when I go into the storage closet, I breathe and smile. After eight years of frustration, I certainly wish I had hired her sooner!"

    Angela Wagner, owner YogaSport
  4. I just wanted to say thank you for helping me organize my room! First of all, it saved my mom and me from many tiffs that would have occurred had we tried to tackle the mess ourselves, but more importantly you got me ready and organized for the year! Now I know where everything in my room is (such a great/NEW feeling!) Thank you so much!"

    Meghan Hamilton, student
  1. Catherine and her team at all in a row saved my sanity on more than one occasion, and I cannot recommend their services highly enough! I used them to move between houses twice, and I could not have been happier with their efficiency, care, and effectiveness. Catherine and her team packed up my entire home, without any breaks or losses, and then organized and un-packed me in my new home in such a way that everything was optimally placed and spaced. Catherine's vision for and understanding of how people operate within their space is inspiring, and I will never move again without her help!

    Nancy Pollard, lawyer and mom
  2. My office not only looks wonderful, it is so functional! Thank you for taking the time to assist me."

  3. PEACE OF MIND—That's what several hours with Catherine Carr will give you. Whether it's a closet, a desk, your kitchen or a workroom, when Catherine helps you get it together, you feel such joy when you return to that spot and can put your finger on anything you need at the drop of a hat. No rushing through stacks of papers or folders, no throwing papers aside looking for whatever you need, not necessary wondering where that invitation/bill/invoice is. For it's right at your fingertips. And your spaces look so clean and organized. With all that time saved (experts say we spend 45 minutes a day looking for something we cannot find), you can read a book, take a long bath, cook something delicious, just enjoy all that extra time you will have. Don't wait—call all in a row today so you, too, can have that peace of mind!"

  4. Catherine – had so much fun with you – the closet is so much more functional and looks immaculate. I love it!"


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