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By whitney | July 11, 2012

Peter Walsh

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Peter Walsh is by far my favorite organizing guru. His advice is logical, direct and sticks with you. I’ve compiled some of my favorite Peter Walsh quotes from interviews. Enjoy!

“The words organic and organize have the same root. Organic makes me think of things that are fresh, natural, whole, and healthy—and organization brings the same mood into a space.”

“When deciding whether to keep something think ‘Does this item enhance the way I want to live?’ Every item you own should move your life vision forward.”

“Later is the best friend of clutter.”

“If you value something, it should be displayed with the honor and respect it deserves.”

“There has to be a limit to what you own and that limit is set by the space you have.”

“DON’T LET YOUR STUFF CONTROL YOU—THIS IS YOUR LIFE! Everything you own is in your house with your permission.”

“Mange inflow by creating an equal volume of outflow—one in one out.”

“We have no control of the future and do not need ‘just in cases.’ If you have not used in 12 months, get rid of it!”

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