Win the Battle Against Procrastination

By whitney | March 11, 2014

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

We’ve all been there: procrastination station. It’s when a certain task really needs to get done, but we decide that it’s time to do EVERYTHING but that task. The worst part of it all is the longer we procrastinate, the guiltier we feel. Don’t let procrastination bring you down. It’s time to learn how to eliminate it from your life!

Although overcoming procrastination may not be easy, you should think of it as simply a matter of retraining yourself.

How do you procrastinate? Do you spend hours on Pinterest or Facebook? Do you putter around the house doing things that don’t really need to be done? Once you have identified your outlet, it’s much easier to stop procrastination before it starts.

Once you are ready to get going, make a daily list of everything you need to accomplish. This includes what has to be done, what should be done, and what you would like to do. Eliminate the “have tos” first. This leaves you with the “wants” and “shoulds,” the last of which are much more appealing and more likely to get done anyways.

Also, always keep the “2 minute” rule in mind: if the task can be accomplished in 2 minutes or less, DO IT NOW!!!! Oftentimes, it takes longer to write a task down on a list than it does to complete that task in the first place. You will be amazed at how accomplished you feel completing just the smallest to-do.

Learning to combat procrastination is about setting personal goals for yourself and sticking to them. Checking tasks off your to-do list and experiencing the rewards of getting them finished will inspire you to nip procrastination in the bud once and for all!

“Lastly” really refers to the last of several steps; I changed it since you just have a couple here.

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