Unusual Organizing

By whitney | August 20, 2012

Real Simple

Photo via Real Simple

Real Simple Magazine had a fun article on common household items used for out-of-the-box organizing. I noted my favorites below and linked the full article, which is full of “that’s a good idea!” moments.

  • Use a magazine rack to control foil, plastic wrap and wax paper.
  • Re-purpose a magnetic paper clip holder to corral bobby pins…that always seem to be hiding.
  • Glue a magnet to a clothes pin for a sturdy way to keep reminders and invitations on your fridge.
  • Add Velcro to the side of your TV for easy access to remotes.
  • Place a utensil tray in bathroom drawers for quick and easy access to tweezers, make up brushes, lipsticks, and whatever else you need.

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