Time at Home… How Will You Spend It?

By whitney | February 24, 2014

Photo via Turning Point 2

Photo via Turning Point 2

Finishing up our series for Time Management month, we found an awesome article on Get Organized Wizard to delve into your domestic time management. These tips will help you manage your time better by delegation and simplification. See the five easy steps below:

Step 1: List Your Tasks

  • Write down your usual domestic to-do’s. This may include tasks from grocery shopping to paying bills and everything in between.

Step 2: Simplify or Eliminate

  • Is there anything you can cut down, streamline or quickly cross off the list?
  • Example: could you pave your garden to save yard work or set up automatic bill payment?

Step 3: Delegate

  • See what you can delegate to your family members… could you teach your kiddos to do their own laundry or create a family roster for tasks around the home?

Step 4: Outsource

  • Could you pay someone else to do the ironing? Cleaning? Organizing?

Step 5: Batch

  • Lastly, see which tasks you can “batch” together for greater time efficiency.
  • Example: could you cook and freeze in larger quantities or map out errands by location?

By strategically planning and condensing household tasks you accomplish more in less time and  get more time for fun!

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