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Organized Gardening

By whitney | April 24, 2014

Repurpose on old dresser or decorative shelving.

Use a peg board to get items organized and in sight for quick access.

An old mail box is great place to tuck the most used supplies in a convenient and discrete way.

Keep your tools in a pot filled with sand and a pinch of mineral oil or linseed; the [...]


By whitney | March 20, 2014

Spring brings with it a sense of renewal, and thus our motivation for spring cleaning. We are inspired to take out the old and freshen up our homes. Spring is also a good time to let go of emotions and practices that are holding us down and no longer serve us.
When we harbor past hurt [...]

Spring Has Sprung

By whitney | March 18, 2014

It’s that time of year again: SPRING CLEANING! Although these words may bring a sense of dread, the benefits make it completely worth while. For inspiration, motivation and tips on getting started check out the following:
Closet Spring Cleaning Week
How-To: Store Winter Items
Keep Your one Healthy
How-To: Mentally Prepare for Your Spring Cleaning Project

Organizing Kid’s Artwork

By catherine | May 21, 2013

It’s adorable and sentimental, but it also accumulates into messy piles up at the end of each school year. I have outlined some tips to manage the clutter and keep your children’s artwork clutter-free and organized.
At the beginning of each school year:
Start by setting up one box for each of your children. Try an 11×17 box to [...]

Keep Your Home Healthy

By catherine | May 2, 2013

This is our final week of Spring Cleaning tips and ideas! We’ve decided to end with a comprehensive annual Home Maintenance Check List.
Quick-Tip:Print the checklist above and post it in a convenient place in your home. Take a look at the start of each month and add appropriate items to [...]

Reclaim Your Garage

By catherine | April 29, 2013

Is your garage a catch-all that holds the items you don’t want in your house? Out of sight, out of mind, right?
Wrong! If your garage gets so out of control that you can’t park your car-the problem isn’t out of sight or mind. Does your garage look something like this?
Ready to tackle the garage and [...]

Meal Planning Made Easy

By catherine | April 26, 2013

Meal planning is one of those things that just clicks for some people and doesn’t for others. For those of you who aren’t naturals, I’ve put together some simple ideas to help turn this challenge into an easy part of your weekly routine!
First, schedule time over the weekend to look at your calendar. Decide how [...]

Simple Pantry Organizing Ideas

By catherine | April 24, 2013

The pantry is the nucleus of your kitchen. All members of the household use it, which means it can easily get outdated and disorganized! For a quick fix, start by taking everything out and give the shelves a good dusting.
First-check canned goods, condiments, and spices for expiration dates.
Regarding the remaining items, ask yourself…

Do you still [...]

Mobile File Organization

By catherine | April 20, 2013

Now that your files are properly sorted and labeled (remember Wednesday’s post), where will you store them? If you already have a filing cabinet, that’s great. If not-creating a mobile office might be just the right fit. It’s the perfect solution if you don’t have a ton of space and it’s also budget-friendly. Mobile file carts [...]

Office Spring Cleaning Week: File Organization

By catherine | April 17, 2013

Once you get a handle on the overwhelming piles of paperwork that often build up in your office, you’ll feel a sense of relief! Your office CAN be a serene place that inspires you. Unfortunately, many equate their office space with stress.
Lets change that! To kick off our Office Spring Cleaning Week, we will start [...]