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Keep Your Home Healthy

By catherine | May 2, 2013

This is our final week of Spring Cleaning tips and ideas! We’ve decided to end with a comprehensive annual Home Maintenance Check List.
Quick-Tip:Print the checklist above and post it in a convenient place in your home. Take a look at the start of each month and add appropriate items to [...]

Reclaim Your Garage

By catherine | April 29, 2013

Is your garage a catch-all that holds the items you don’t want in your house? Out of sight, out of mind, right?
Wrong! If your garage gets so out of control that you can’t park your car-the problem isn’t out of sight or mind. Does your garage look something like this?
Ready to tackle the garage and [...]

Meal Planning Made Easy

By catherine | April 26, 2013

Meal planning is one of those things that just clicks for some people and doesn’t for others. For those of you who aren’t naturals, I’ve put together some simple ideas to help turn this challenge into an easy part of your weekly routine!
First, schedule time over the weekend to look at your calendar. Decide how [...]

Office Spring Cleaning Week: File Organization

By catherine | April 17, 2013

Once you get a handle on the overwhelming piles of paperwork that often build up in your office, you’ll feel a sense of relief! Your office CAN be a serene place that inspires you. Unfortunately, many equate their office space with stress.
Lets change that! To kick off our Office Spring Cleaning Week, we will start [...]

How-To: Mentally Prepare for Your Spring Cleaning Project

By catherine | April 5, 2013

Planning is key.
So you’ve picked your spring cleaning project. In fact, you picked it months (maybe years) ago. Having a hard time getting started? What you need is a plan! Here are my best tips for getting mentally prepared to start your major spring cleaning project.
Before you begin, write down your goal for the project [...]

Time to Tidy Up Your Make-Up

By catherine | March 25, 2013

Your make-up favorites have expiration dates just like your milk. It can be difficult to keep track of what is old and what is new if your makeup drawer is a mixture of unorganized beauty products. We’ve created a timeline for various makeup types to help keep your beauty drawer organized and ensure you’re only [...]

Bettering Your Bookshelves

By catherine | March 19, 2013

Bookshelves. They can be visually appealing, beautifully displayed and artistically organized. Wonderfully designed bookshelves can be visions of order and art in your home.
More often, bookshelves do not fit this idealized description. Typically, bookshelves take on the role of ‘catch-alls’. They hold random knick-knacks, out-of-date photos, books you’ve read, books you haven’t, and the list [...]

Organize Your Entrance

By catherine | February 27, 2013

Does your daily routine look a little something like this?
After a long day at work you stack the mail atop the pile from yesterday, fling the keys on the kitchen counter beneath the newspapers and set your purse on the couch? You are not alone!
Without a strategy for your daily entrance, the hurried scramble to [...]

Quick Bathroom Tips

By whitney | January 7, 2013

The bathroom tends to be an area we spend a lot of time in to prepare for our day and to unwind at night. Help make your bathroom work for you by following a few tips:
-Before trying to organize anything, go through and look for things that can easily be let go of, including expired [...]

Make It Stick

By whitney | September 10, 2012

All In A Row is celebrating September’s National Self Improvement Month! There are always activities, knowledge, traits, and habits we want to add into our lives but we sometimes struggle in making our new changes stick. Where there’s a will, there are definitely ways to help wannabe habits become a part of our daily lives.

Start [...]