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March Home Organizing To-Do List

By whitney | March 4, 2014

Happy March!

1. Spring forward. Change your clocks one hour forward on Sunday, March 9th.
2. Assess. Look through your winter clothing and evaluate what you have really wore this season. Pull items to be mended, consigned or donated.
3. Clean out. Go through your office or home office and cull down supplies, files and anything excess that [...]

Time at Home… How Will You Spend It?

By whitney | February 24, 2014

Finishing up our series for Time Management month, we found an awesome article on Get Organized Wizard to delve into your domestic time management. These tips will help you manage your time better by delegation and simplification. See the five easy steps below:
Step 1: List Your Tasks

Write down your usual domestic to-do’s. This may include [...]

Clean Out your Closets Month: Entry Closet

By whitney | January 14, 2014

Oh, the entry closet, home to the most random items in our home. Don’t have a place for something, how about the entry closet? It’s time to reclaim this closet with purpose! Follow the quick tips below:

Before you take action, start by defining your goal for the closet and how you would like for it [...]

Clean Out your Closets Month: Master

By whitney | January 9, 2014

January is Clean Out your Closets Month! In honor if this awesome holiday, we are going to do a series on quick organizing tips for different closets. Although most of us do not have a master closet like the picture above, we can make are closet a haven of organization that sends us out into [...]

10 Ways to Have a Calm Christmas

By catherine | December 12, 2013

Calm Christmas. Now, I know it might sound like an oxymoron, but from an organizing perspective, there are several strategies, when applied, that can take you from chaos to calm and maybe even help you enjoy the holiday season.
While doing a little Christmas reading, I came across a lovely quote. It is from Caroline Kennedy. [...]

September Home Organizing To-Do List

By whitney | September 2, 2013

Happy September!
1. Celebrate Self Improvement Month! Pick 1 thing you want to improve then set goals and steps to get going in a positive direction.
2. Make it easy. Now that school is back in session, identify your kids snacking needs and set up a zone in your pantry or kitchen where snacks are accessible.
3. Unplug. [...]

Family Fun

By whitney | July 25, 2013

Photo via Media Cache

Planning activities for a family reunion can be tricky considering the span of ages. Its likely though, as long as the kids are having a good time, everyone else will be too!
Here are a few games and activities to consider:

Photo via Martha Stewart

Water Balloon Toss

Photo via Martha Stewart

Family Olympics
Break off into teams [...]

DIY Pantry Labels

By whitney | May 16, 2013

We recently had a client who wanted a tune up on her pantry organization. She already had adorable baskets from Container Store that stored all her crackers, chips, nuts, daughters’ snacks, etc., but she was still having a hard time finding things. The solution? LABELS!!! We’ve been known to have a little label obsession here [...]

Simplest Way to Organize Your Photos

By whitney | May 14, 2013

When most of us think of organizing the hard copies of our photos, we break into a cold sweat. The task seems absolutely daunting. Because I needed to sharpen my skills for our clients and find the simplest way to organize printed copies, I took a course from the APPO (Association of Professional [...]

Product We Love

By catherine | May 7, 2013

I’m excited to announce a brand new series on the blog! Once a month, we will feature a product we have used in a recent organizing project that we feel you might love as much as we do!
First up, an item I could simply not live without, the lovely Brother P-Touch Labelmaker!
I use it in [...]