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Which Habit of Yours Leads to Clutter?

By whitney | March 25, 2014

Clutter overwhelms and exhausts us. Sometimes, the battle against clutter feels interminable and unwinnable. If, however, we can identify the causes of clutter, we can take steps to beat it!
Top three habits that lead to clutter:
1. Coming in the door and dropping things in random places.
Prime example: the mail.
On Monday we throw the mail [...]


By whitney | September 12, 2013

How does living with people who collect clutter affect you or how is your clutter affecting others? Well you guessed it, negatively. Clutter can speak volumes to others without our knowledge.
Let me get you up to speed on a few assumptions that housemates make from clutter:

You don’t respect me and are trying to establish [...]

Unhealthy Habits

By whitney | September 5, 2013

Although it seems more obvious that clutter can have an affect on your mental health, few people know how clutter can affect you physically. The environment in which we live is an extension of who we are and has a profound impact on our well-being. According to Web MD clutter causes numerous [...]

July Home Organizing To-Do List

By whitney | July 1, 2013

Happy July!
1.Clear closet clutter: Be aware of the clothes you’ve been living in this summer and the clothes you haven’t touched- perhaps it’s time to let the latter go?
2.Try a new restaurant: Make a list of the restaurants you’ve been wanting to try, preferably with a patio, and use it as your go-to when deciding [...]

Organizing Kid’s Artwork

By catherine | May 21, 2013

It’s adorable and sentimental, but it also accumulates into messy piles up at the end of each school year. I have outlined some tips to manage the clutter and keep your children’s artwork clutter-free and organized.
At the beginning of each school year:
Start by setting up one box for each of your children. Try an 11×17 box to [...]

Reclaim Your Garage

By catherine | April 29, 2013

Is your garage a catch-all that holds the items you don’t want in your house? Out of sight, out of mind, right?
Wrong! If your garage gets so out of control that you can’t park your car-the problem isn’t out of sight or mind. Does your garage look something like this?
Ready to tackle the garage and [...]

April is Stress Awareness Month

By catherine | April 4, 2013

Are you holding onto your stress, anger, grudges? Recent studies continue to show the negative effects stress can have on your health.
Find time to de-stress every day. Even 10 deep breaths can restore your mood and lower your blood pressure.
Some things that help me to de-stress:

Write in a gratitude journal
Spend time in nature. [...]

Best Recycling Spot

By whitney | July 12, 2012

Best Buy is a great place to recycle basically anything that is electronic or relates to electronics.
They take the obvious items such as TV’s and computers but they also accept everything from scales, hair dryers, treadmills, toasters, sewing machines and car radios.
To see the complete list click on the link below.
Plus you feel great about [...]

Wise Walsh

By whitney | July 11, 2012

Peter Walsh is by far my favorite organizing guru. His advice is logical, direct and sticks with you. I’ve compiled some of my favorite Peter Walsh quotes from interviews. Enjoy!
“The words organic and organize have the same root. Organic makes me think of things that are fresh, natural, whole, and healthy—and organization brings the same [...]