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Closet Spring Cleaning Week

By catherine | April 8, 2013

Organizing your closet can be one of the most daunting and time consuming projects to undertake. Often, people avoid beginning closet projects because they have let the task become so overwhelming and intimidating that they don’t know where to begin!
Enter-Closet Spring Cleaning Week!
Hopefully, after last week you’re feeling motivated to begin spring cleaning, what [...]

Lighten Up

By catherine | February 27, 2013

A friend of mine arrived at work the other day, only to realize she was wearing black pants and a navy blazer. Stylish as she is, she easily passed this off as an “early fall trend”. This certainly wasn’t a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it did get [...]

Closet Tour

By whitney | October 23, 2012

Welcome to the Closet of a Professional Organizer! Catherine has so graciously allowed me to take a tour of her closet to share the organization ideas that work best for her. I think you will quickly see that being organized is not about having everything looking perfect. Rather, it’s about arranging your items in a [...]


By whitney | August 20, 2012

Well, most likely not. These beyond-beautiful spaces give me an extreme case of closet envy. A girl can always dream, right?

“Safety, Shelter, and Strength”

By whitney | July 12, 2012

We are constantly taking items from clients to be donated and have visited almost every donation center in the area.
My personal favorite donation spot is the Genesis Women’s Shelter. Genesis provides shelter, safety and counseling for domestic violence victims and their children with a 24-hour hotline, emergency shelter, transitional home, counseling, play therapy and many [...]

Hang Tight

By catherine | April 18, 2012

Friends and clients always ask me about hangers and what they should use in their closets. My answer: the fewer types of hangers the better. Our closets contain so many styles, colors, and shapes of items as it is, that adding 10 different types of hangers to the mix, makes your closet feel even more [...]