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America Recycles

By whitney | November 15, 2013

Today is America Recycles Day! The importance of recycling has become alarmingly apparent, and we are all capable of doing our part. Recycling paper, plastic, and glass has become more accessible through the opening of local recycling centers and convenient curbside pick up, but many of us run into problems with what to do with [...]

November Home Organizing To-Do list

By whitney | November 4, 2013

Happy November!
1. Prepare. Make space in your coat closet for winter accessories that are on the horizon, a simple bin or basket should do the trick.
2. Warm up. Before it gets frigid, have your heater serviced to make sure it’s winter ready.
3. Swap. Change out your Halloween decor for Thanksgiving decor leaving pumpkins or other [...]

Halloween Leftovers

By whitney | October 28, 2013

Once Halloween has come and gone, we are often left with a surplus of stuff. Although we may want to keep our costume for another year or snack on the candy until Thanksgiving, there are many options for the items we are ready to pass on.

Pumpkins can be composted or broken into chunks and spread [...]

Inspiring Women: Kelly Killian

By catherine | October 24, 2013

Have you ever had one of those moments when you randomly pop into a place you’ve never been before just because you have a few extra minutes? And, as an unexpected result, – have you discovered the perfect dress, found a new favorite haunt, or made a new friend? A few months ago, I had [...]

Clean Out Your Files

By whitney | October 22, 2013

Happy Clean Out Your Files Month! We just celebrated Love Your Files week in September with fun file options but now it’s time to whip them shape!
Listen up: 80% of the papers we file are never used again. There is no need to keep anything that has become useless, it only makes it harder to [...]

Recipe Book: How To

By catherine | October 17, 2013

Happy National Kitchen Month! In honor of this lovely little holiday, I wanted to talk about recipes and what the heck to do with all those wonderful ones you have hand written on the back of a napkin, torn out of magazines, printed off a blog, or have received as hand-me-downs from cooks who have [...]

October Home Organizing To-Do List

By whitney | October 1, 2013

Happy October!

1. Clear out. Look through your bathroom cabinets for unused samples and either toss or group them together and re purpose as a “guest bath kit.”
2. Decorate. Before putting out any fall or Halloween decor make sure to dust and wipe down surfaces.
3. Eat. Plan a time to make at least 1 [...]


By whitney | September 27, 2013

We’d like to wrap up our series on Self Improvement Month with a post about how clutter hinders efficiency. Clutter can not only negatively affect your life at the office, but can also have damaging effects on your social and home life. According to Dailyblogging.com, there are 5 ways clutter affects your concentration. See if [...]

Front and Center

By whitney | August 13, 2013

Often times, the entryway, entry closet, or mudroom becomes a dumping ground for all things coming into the house. It is natural to want to throw things down the moment we walk in after a long day, but if those things never find their way to a designated home, the result can be a huge [...]

Products We Love: Back to School

By catherine | August 8, 2013

As we head into the “back to school season”, I am reminded of how grateful I am that I wore a uniform during my K-12 years (although, admittedly, I was not grateful at the time!). Mornings were not my favorite time of the day; however, as I have gotten older, I certainly have acclimated a [...]