Stop Letting Disorganization Stress You Out

By whitney | April 8, 2014

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Happy Stress Awareness Month! Spring is rolling in, and with it brings the inspiration to freshen up our lives and homes. We want to feel lighter and more awake. We want simplicity and fun. What doesn’t fit into any of this? You guessed it: stress. Stress beats us down and prevents us from living the life we desire. Thankfully, being organized helps us cut stress in all aspects of our lives. Don’t believe me? Keep on reading…

  • When we leave our house and lives a mess it creates conflict within ourselves and with those close to us. Physical clutter makes our space feel heavy, prevents us from finding the things we’re looking for, and leaves us feeling agitated. It also creates an uncomfortable environment for those who live with us.


  • Keeping all of our to-do’s, appointments, grocery lists, and social events in our heads leads to brain overload. When we don’t have an effective system for tracking tasks big or small, our short-term memory can suffer.  Mentally keeping track of things also hinders our ability to process and plan fun things.

A Full Head=Stress.

  • Using the excuse that we “don’t have time” to get organized does not cut it because being disorganized is the real time thief. One of our favorite definitions of clutter is “delayed decisions,” meaning that clutter is a visual form of procrastination. And we all know procrastination is not only a time suck but also an energy zapper.


Don’t let disorganization fill your precious life with unnecessary stress, Start taking small steps toward organization and simplicity. Step number one: call all in a row. :)

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