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By whitney | March 6, 2014

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

This week is National Organize Your Home Office week. How have you been celebrating?? If you’re in need of a little inspiration, these few quick tips should help to get you in gear:

  • Place your desk in the area of the room with the best natural light. This sets you up for happier atmosphere and offers you a chance to gaze out the window during much needed breaks.
  • Although we here at all in a row aren’t big proponents of “stocking up,” it is good to keep some extra supplies ready for when you run out. Having to dart out during peak hours to get reams of paper or extra pens wastes time and adds stress. Keep a running list of items you use on a consistent basis. Jot down a note when you take an item from your stash, and then make an office supply run only once or twice a month.
  • Add personal touches like plants and photos to bring good energy into your work space.
  • Find storage solutions that work for you. If you are constantly in and out of certain files, for example, it would make sense to have those files close to your desk and arranged in a sensible, easy-to-access manner. On the other hand, documents you refer to infrequently could be archived in a more “out of the way” location.
  • Invest in a comfy chair! If you are spending the bulk of your time in your home office, you need to be comfortable and have an atmosphere that supports you both physically and mentally!

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