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By whitney | February 11, 2014

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Photo via Pinterest

This being National Time Management Month, we are going to a three part series on managing the dominant spheres of our lives: social, professional, and domestic.

First up, social time management! Although it may seem odd to “schedule” social time, most of us have busy lives, and this is normally the part that is the hardest hit. We regard socializing as unimportant compared to other priorities, when really it should be the most important. Being with friends and loved ones is what makes life meaningful, and, with a little planning, we can keep ours thriving!

Step 1: Decide your social life is important to you and that it will not be ignored.

Step 2: Write in your calendar parties, events, and plans with friends. Blocking the time off makes those plans priorities and reminds you not to blow them off.

Step 3: Understand how much time to allow for different kinds of relationships. As important as it to make time to be social, it’s equally important to prioritize who receives the most of your time. Being involved in a million committees or hanging out with the neighbor who drives you nuts isn’t doing you any favors. The Nest had a great article on dividing up your social “pie,” and here are a few of their tips:

  • Mom- Always attempt to make it to family events and carve out time to see family a few times a month (if in the same area) and on holidays along with a weekly phone call.
  • Work Friends- It is good to make an effort with co-workers in order to keep strong relationships. You never know when you may need a recommendation! If your co-workers are a social bunch, try to make it to at least one weekly happy hour, if not a couple per month.
  • Best Friends- These people make you happy, and it is crucial to make room for them. Plan to spend time with your pals at least a couple times a month, in addition to events like birthdays or housewarmings.
  • The Toxic Friend- cut them out! You do not have time to spend on people who bring you down. Either go the mature route and have an upfront conversation or try the “fade out,” whichever floats your boat.
  • Significant Other- They deserve a large portion of your pie; sharing a life together means spending a good amount of time together too.
  • The Girl in Yoga class- Although making new friends may seem like too much work, new relationships keep life fresh and interesting! And who knows, she may end up becoming one of your closest friends. You don’t have to expend too much energy. Just grab a drink and see where it goes.

Step 4: Lastly, remember to put frequency before length.  According to, “30 minutes of coffee together every week can have a much more powerful psychological effect on your relationships than a whole week together every six months. Keep this in mind and schedule your social interactions accordingly.”

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