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By whitney | August 20, 2013

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Going to the grocery store can be a daunting task, especially if you get there during peak hours, when you can never seem to find one of the things on your list and the other customers are annoyed with you for blocking the aisle. EEEEKS! Make those trips to the store easier  by using a shopping list that gives you a heads up of what is on each aisle before you get there.

The next time you shop, write down the number of aisle from which you are getting your items. For example, next to “olive oil,”, write “Aisle 15” or “A15.” Also, provide a brief description for every aisle, such as “baking products” or “pasta and sauces.”

Continue to do this with the rest of your list so that you can get a sense of which aisles have the items you purchase most often.

When you get home, pull up the above template and fill in the blanks with each aisle you shopped on and the items you frequently shop for under the appropriate aisle. Also, write out the other aisles and descriptions in case you need something on them next time. Just like the photo above, leave space for additional items. Print multiple copies so they are handy when you are ready to make your list.

If you know that you’ll be heading to the store on a certain day, look through the kitchen and highlight any of the staples your may have run out of. Also, write into the appropriate aisle additional items you need for the week. That way, when you are at the store, you will know where to get each item on your list, which will save time and reduce stress!

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