Remembering the Good Ol’ Days

By whitney | July 18, 2013

Photo via Brooks Brothers

Photo via Brooks Brothers

A family photo slide show is always a fun trip down memory lane and a big hit. Reminiscing and seeing how everyone has grown is what a reunion is all about!

To pull one together follow these steps below:

1. Collect photos from family members via hard copy through the mail or emailed digitally. Ask for a range of photos, old and new, serious and funny, to capture all aspects of family.

2. If you have hard copies, scan them to your computer. Save the scanned files and emailed files together in a folder.

3. Use a slideshow making program either through your computer or online. Computer programs include Garage Band, Windows Movie Maker and Picasa. A few good online options are Kizoa, Photo Show or Photo Snack.

4. When laying out the slideshow, decide whether you want to group photos by immediate family, chronologically, by themes (trips taken, school photos etc.) or at random. Whatever order makes the most sense to you!

5. Next, choose songs to go along with your slideshow. The slideshow making programs should walk you through how to incorporate music. Pick songs that are significant to your family or mix it up between sentimental and upbeat tunes. Check out these top 30 family reunion slideshow songs for some ideas!

6. Once your slideshow is complete, burn it onto a recordable DVD. Although this seems rather obvious, make sure you have a way to play the slideshow (DVD player/TV or computer) so everyone can enjoy your handiwork!

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