By whitney | March 20, 2014

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Spring brings with it a sense of renewal, and thus our motivation for spring cleaning. We are inspired to take out the old and freshen up our homes. Spring is also a good time to let go of emotions and practices that are holding us down and no longer serve us.

When we harbor past hurt and resentments, we are unable to be our best selves.  This  can then lead to all sorts of problems in our lives involving our relationships with others, our ability to take proper care of ourselves, our holding onto clutter, and our attitude toward life.

If we continue to run from negative feelings, they will continue to show up. The only way to begin the process of letting go, is to face those feelings head on! Scary? Yes. Effective? Absolutely.   Tiny Buddha advises “The best thing we can do to reduce the impact of these emotions is to acknowledge them. Uncomfortable emotions bring the precious gift of making us aware that we’re trapped in thoughts, beliefs, stories, and old interpretations of ourselves. By being present with our emotions, we can break our identification with them and release the past.”

Allow yourself to feel the emotion, remind yourself that you are ready to move on, and simply let it go.

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