Recycling with Purpose

By catherine | February 27, 2013

I’m getting a new phone and I’m not happy about it! My 4 year old blackberry has been with me through the start of my business, several boyfriends, and after so many years, I’m finally feeling confident using all of the features.  It works just fine thank you, with one small exception – the darn battery keeps running out of steam every 4 hours. So, this weekend, I’m trading in my old phone for a new one.


Now, my phone will have to be recycled because it can’t hold its charge. But, lots of us have perfectly good old phones tucked away because we simply love having the latest and greatest, or we’ve gotten a deal on an upgrade. When we get that new shiny phone, for some reason, we still lug those old phones back home and stash them away to sit, and sit, and sit – taking up precious space.

Get that old phone out of your life and give it a new one by either recycling it at Best Buy, or donating it to a woman’s shelter to be used for emergencies by victims of abuse. If you live in Dallas, Genesis Women’s Shelter will take those old phones off your hands and re-purpose them for clients trying to get back on their feet. Drop yours off at their donation center on Lemmon. You’ll  be doing someone a big favor and you’ll get so much back – a tax receipt, empty space where those phones used to be, and a warm fuzzy feeling know you just helped someone out who really needed it. So why wait, grab your phones and let those warm fuzzies inspire you today!

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