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By catherine | October 17, 2013

Happy National Kitchen Month! In honor of this lovely little holiday, I wanted to talk about recipes and what the heck to do with all those wonderful ones you have hand written on the back of a napkin, torn out of magazines, printed off a blog, or have received as hand-me-downs from cooks who have come before you.

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Where do you currently store all these pesky papers? Stuffed on top of your cookbooks? Stuck inside your cookbooks? Could you find the one you wanted at a moment’s notice? My guess is that most of you just laughed out loud at that last question.

So, how does one keep these “soon to be cooking masterpieces” contained, protected, and sorted? May I suggest the humble binder?


The binder is so versatile. In addition to being available in a variety colors to suit your aesthetic preference, they come in many sizes so that you can get one whose scale best fits your needs and can craft the inside to your liking. It also sits nicely on a shelf with your cookbooks.

So, now you’ve got the binder. What comes next, you ask?

1.    Decision time. Decide how you want to group your recipes: veggies, fish, steak, etc. or appetizers, entrees, desserts. Go with whatever feels most natural to you and would be easiest for you when it comes to finding a recipe within the category.
2.    Sort. Gather all your slips of paper together and sort them into your decided upon categories
3.    Label. Label tab dividers for each category


4.    Store. Put all the loose pages in clear page protectors and slide them into their newly-organized home in your recipe notebook.

recipe sleeves

5.    Get cooking.

Using a binder with labeled tabs and page protectors helps to keep loose paper of all sizes in order. How do you organize your recipes?

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