Preserving Family History

By whitney | July 10, 2012

We were given a big project from a client who wanted his mother’s albums preserved by moving the photos into archive safe plastic sheets and placed into a binders.

Because  all the photos were different sizes we needed a flexible way to display them on the pages and discovered Photo Corners which allowed us to do just that!

Below are the photos as we received them:

Pictures when we received them

And these are the photo corners we used for the project, purchased from Photographic Archives on Lovers Ln.

Photo corners

The corners are sticky on one side and open on the end which is slid over the photo.

Close up of photo corner

We also purchased archive safe paper to place the photos on. We grouped them by size and attempted to get the most on each page as possible while still keeping them in relative order.

Placing photos

The corners were a fantastic solution making it possible to fit different sized photos on a page and keep them in order! Here are a few examples of the finished product:)

Layout 2Layout 1Layout 3

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