Nothing But The Best

By whitney | May 13, 2014

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

When making a photo album, photo book, or even storing hard copies of photos there are a few rules to follow that will make the memories much sweeter.

Let go of the following photos:

  1. Blurry or unrecognizable photos
  2. Landscape, buildings, scenery or people you don’t remember
  3. Doubles, triples or octuplets of the same photo. This also applies to #2 in that you only really need a few really cool pictures of the Grand Canyon, not 20:)
  4. People or places that bring up negative memories and emotions

Keep, chronicle, and display photos that tell a story, capture the memory and you love looking at. Five great photos tell much more than 30 repetitive ones. Quality over quantity is the name of the game!

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