Meal Planning Made Easy

By catherine | April 26, 2013

Image via Blissfulb Eats

Image via Blissfulb Eats

Meal planning is one of those things that just clicks for some people and doesn’t for others. For those of you who aren’t naturals, I’ve put together some simple ideas to help turn this challenge into an easy part of your weekly routine!

First, schedule time over the weekend to look at your calendar. Decide how many dinners will you need to prepare during the week and how many mouths you need to feed at each meal!

Next, check in with your family for any special dinner requests for the week. Is there a family favorite you enjoy eating weekly? If you’re feeling stuck, bored, and tired of your old recipes-scope out the food blog world for easy weeknight dinner ideas! We love dailybitesblog.comPinterest is also a great resource for new ideas (Don’t forget to Follow Us while you’re perusing).

Quick-Tip: Keep your sides simple with an easy green salad, quinoa, or roasted veggies.

Image via Two Peas & Their Pod

Image via Two Peas & Their Pod

Once you’ve selected your recipes, it’s time to shop!

At the top of your shopping list, write each recipe (including the name of the cookbook and the page number).

Divide the list into sections that make sense for you, for example:

  • Produce
  • Aisles
  • Bulk
  • Cold/Freezer

This way, when you’re in certain sections of the store you won’t forget to grab everything you need! Some people even write down the aisle numbers from their grocery with exactly what they need on each aisle.

Quick-Tip: Use your Sunday night to prepare for the week. Make it fun – turn on some music and enjoy a glass of wine while you wash, peel and chop vegetables. This makes week-night meal prep easier after a busy day.

Some of my friends with families will post what they are having on a chalk board in the kitchen so the kids don’t constantly ask “what’s for dinner?”

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