Making Resolutions that Stick

By whitney | December 24, 2013

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

A new year, a new me! We can all go a little overboard on New Year’s Resolutions deciding it will be the time to change EVERYTHING. As most of us have come to find out, this doesn’t really work. Follow the steps below to choose one, realistic goal, and you might actually taste success!

1. Determine why you want to accomplish your goal. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to do this or what do I think it will give me?” Cut down to the real emotion behind the goal. Once you are clear about this, consider if the resolution is kind and loving. If it isn’t, you are unlikely to accomplish it and will cause yourself more pain. Choosing a resolution that supports you is the only way to success.

2. Once you have defined your supportive goal, schedule time to work on it. Is you goal to lose weight so you feel healthier? Write down that you will exercise Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 6:30 am. This puts into practice what you are trying to achieve and gives you the small steps to big changes. If you find your schedule isn’t working, feel free to change it. The key is to stay flexible and make your goal work for you.

3. Don’t be derailed by setbacks to your goal- they will happen. Know this, work through them and continue the road to conquering your resolution.

4. Get support. Having a friend, family member or any person to hold you accountable shows that you mean business and will increase your success.

5. Lastly, remember the reason you wanted change in the first place. By taking steps, however small, you are growing into the person you want to be. Keep in mind that the most significant part of achieving your resolution is the journey, not the destination!

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