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By catherine | April 10, 2013

Image via Clover Lane Blog

Image via Clover Lane Blog

It’s finally that time of year! I have officially transitioned my wardrobe. So long cashmere sweaters and dark hues…it’s time for spring florals and bright colors!

Transitioning your wardrobe season to season is one of the simplest way to keep your closet organized year round.

First, there is no reason to spend time flipping through cashmere sweaters when the temperature outside reads 105 (hello summer in Dallas). Second, closet real estate is extremely valuable, wasted space is not an option. Third, properly storing out of season items will protect your clothes and extend their shelf life exponentially. The final and greatest reason to transition your wardrobe-when it’s time to unpack old clothes when a new season rolls around, you’ll feel like you’ve been shopping without spending a dime!

Start by combing through items you plan to store. As you work, try each piece on. As you go, ask yourself:

  • Does it still fit?
  • Do I still like it?
  • Will I be happy to see this in 6 months from now?
  • Is it worth storing?

Put items to donate, consign, or recycle aside and schedule a time to deliver those items. Now you are left with only the items you plan to store! Check each item, dry clean and mend items that need it. Take care of that prior to storing them.

Pack clothes in breathable canvas bins or bags. NEVER USE PLASTIC! Clothes excrete gas that plastic bins or bags trap inside. This causes clothes to fade and fabric to break down quickly. Label everything so you can easily access certain items for out of season trips. Once everything is packed and labeled, store items on upper closet shelves.

If you carve out time to transition your wardrobe twice a year, your closet will never get so cluttered that the task of organizing it seems overwhelming!

Have you transitioned your wardrobe yet?

Look out for more closet spring cleaning tips later this week!

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