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By whitney | September 10, 2012

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All In A Row is celebrating September’s National Self Improvement Month! There are always activities, knowledge, traits, and habits we want to add into our lives but we sometimes struggle in making our new changes stick. Where there’s a will, there are definitely ways to help wannabe habits become a part of our daily lives.

  • Start by identifying why you want a particular habit in your life. Why do you need to exercise daily? Or why do you want to be more organized? Spend time finding what is driving your need for a new habit to make sure it is not just something you think you should want. To the latter question: maybe you don’t want to be embarrassed when unexpected guests stop by your home more than you really care to be organized for yourself.  Don’t judge yourself and be real about why you want to make a change.
  • Make sure to write down your goal. This helps you visualize and verbalize what you want and gives you a place to refer back to. Write down the real reason you want the change and write down the consequences of not creating the change. Make a realistic plan of how and when you will carry out your goal. Also, think about possible obstacles that may stand in your way and how you will overcome them.
  • Set small, achievable goals. Breaking up the process of forming a new habit into daily “chunks” makes behavioral changes more manageable and prevents you from getting overwhelmed by thinking too far in the future.
  • Stick to changing one habit at a time. Sometimes when we get into Self Improvement mode we want to fix everything all at once. Taking on too many changes at any given time is unrealistic and will likely lead to failure. Taking things one step at time is natural, necessary, and builds a foundation for making changes in the future.
  • Get a calendar or anything visual and mark down every day you succeed with your new habit. When you take the time to record your successes, you remind yourself to be aware of your behavior, which is crucial while you’re working toward a new habit. Keep your eye on the prize until you no longer need to think about and it comes naturally.

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