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By whitney | July 11, 2013

Photo via Just A Pinch

Photo via Just A Pinch

In honor of National Family Reunion Month we are going to do a series of posts to inspire the best reunion yet! Putting together a Family Recipe Book or Family Cookbook before the reunion is a great way to preserve family history. Cooking recipes we loved growing up is not only nostalgic but is an amazing way to keep your family alive for generations to come. I love that family recipes are a keepsake the has power in the present instead of being stuffed in an attic. And it’s most likely the rest of you family feels the same way and will be tremendously thankful for you getting the ball rolling!

To get started, choose one person in each family as your contact and send a mass email to all you have chosen. Ask them to send you (either typed or scanned) 3 to 5 recipes from their family. The email chain allows family members to take requests from each other (everyone wants Aunt Linda’s biscuits) and discuss their recipes to keep from repetition. Also, ask each family for a photo to go along with each recipe (of the family or the dishes) and to add any notes or memories that go along with the recipe.

After you receive everyone’s recipes, read through all of them to make sure they are clear and easy to follow. This gives you the opportunity to tackle any confusion before printing. I suggest grouping the recipes by type of food so it flows like most cookbooks but you can also keep the recipes grouped by family, whatever floats your boat! Once your book is put together and proofread, Kinkos, or any copy store, can help you bind it together. When printing and binding, decide before hand if you want to print one for each family or print one to show off and take orders once  you arrive.

Happy Cooking!

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