June Home Organizing To-Do List

By whitney | June 4, 2013

Photo via Adam Schallau Photography

Photo via Adam Schallau Photography

Happy June!

1. Plan a Picnic: National Picnic Week is June 17th-23rd! Gather the family and friends together to enjoy some grub outdoors. Stay tuned for a post to plan the perfect picnic!

2. Go through your pool or outdoor toys: Now that they’re about to be in use again, toss any broken or worn out toys to make room for any new ones you may collect in the next few months. Also, check your sunscreen to see if any is expired and should be tossed.

3. Learn to be a great packer: Good packing skills will always come in handy and remember to always put in the necessities before extras. A post about packing to come!

4. Clean out your garage: June happens to be National Garage and Storage month, but in Texas that seems hard to imagine. Tackle it early in the summer and early on a Saturday morning. See our post Reclaiming Your Garage for helpful hints!

5. Host a family game night: While deciding which games to play, look through to see if there are any you can part with aka games with missing pieces or that you never play!

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