July Home Organizing To-Do List

By whitney | July 1, 2013


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Happy July!

1.Clear closet clutter: Be aware of the clothes you’ve been living in this summer and the clothes you haven’t touched- perhaps it’s time to let the latter go?

2.Try a new restaurant: Make a list of the restaurants you’ve been wanting to try, preferably with a patio, and use it as your go-to when deciding where to dine. D Magazine recently put out their top 100 picks.

3. Donate unused toys: Since the kiddos are home, it’s the perfect time to go through toys. Pick a morning to tackle them together. Explain to them that if they are no longer playing with the toys, there are kids that have much less and would be thrilled to have  them. Understanding that they are helping others will give them a sense of pride. Also, take them along to the donation spot so they can understand the impact of their charitable deeds.

4.Watch out for Fido: Check in with the vet to see if there are any new ways to keep your pets cool in sweltering heat.

5. Clean it up: Get in the panty, refrigerator and freezer and dispose of any expired spices and food. Take the items you are still using out and give everything a good wipe down!

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