Inspiring Women: Lindsay Leggett

By catherine | April 16, 2014


Lindsay Leggett is special. This was the first thought that popped into my head when we initially met. Over the years, as our friendship grows, I continue to add wonderful adjectives to my long list of things I know and love about her-kind soul, caring friend, crazy talented designer, lover of animals, creator of gorgeous dog collars, and owner of Lucky Puppy Adventures.

I hope you will enjoy getting to know Lindsay’s as much as I have!

What inspired you to start your business?

My three rescue dogs were in need of new collars and I was looking for a new  career.  I thought about what kind of business I wanted to start that would bring me joy, satisfaction and help a cause.  I love dogs so I formed my business plan around them.  I taught myself how to sew, developed the style, and focused on the quality in which I wanted my collars to be.  The basis of my company’s name, LUCKY PUPPY ADVENTURES, is that once a dog is rescued, they are loved and now can begin their new life with many adventures ahead.  I also wanted the rescued dog to leave a gift of hope to his fellow dogs without a forever home.  That is why $5 from each collar goes to various rescue organizations so that they can be at their best when people are looking for a new pup.

Biggest challenge you face as a woman owned business?

I believe everything is in my favor because I’m a woman owned business.  I’ll tell you a great challenge right now … production!  I’m looking to hire someone to help me keep up with my orders!  YAY!

Best piece of advice you ever received? From who?

Never settle with any job, relationship, situation that sits funny with you.   You only live once and it is up to you to enjoy it and make the most of it no matter what your current circumstances are.  Be comfortable with making adjustments.  Focus on your intent and make every day count.  It was a tremendous gift to myself when I started to implement this philosophy into my life. Catherine Carr is my Oprah of book recommendations and she has introduced me to several authors that I love.  I listen to these books on tape occasionally while I’m sewing.

What’s your morning routine?

I’m just starting again to establish a routine that goes something like this: walk the dogs, coffee, check/respond to emails, start checking off the list I made the evening before.

Calendar: paper or electronic?

Paper.  And more specifically, Graphic Image’s beautiful Appointment books.  I get one every year … it’s my Christmas present to myself.  I’ve tried to go electronic, but I’ve learned that it helps my brain to open up my book and write it down.  Plus, the books are so pretty and I use fun pens.

How do you find work/life balance?

During the day, I have been starting to sit down for my meals and enjoy them without any other distractions besides the company I’m with.  No cell phones, no emailing in front of the computer.  It really breaks up the day and gives you some time to just be.   Also, when I need a breath of fresh air, I walk my dogs.  I encourage everyone to.  It’s so therapeutic, they love it, you love it, everyone is getting exercise and enjoying the outdoors … even it’s it’s just for 15 minutes when getting home from work.

How do you tame your email inbox?

Still trying and open to suggestions.

Favorite organizing tool/trick for business?

I have a few.  Clean up after yourself (sewing can take over a room), make a plan for the day the day before, don’t send an email when a phone call would be more appropriate, do the most difficult thing first thing after coffee!

Words you live by?

Currently, my positive affirmation in the morning is, “I am constantly on the move to improve myself and life.  I have a loving heart, a kind spirit and a strong mind.  I have a healthy body that is resilient and has been very good to me.”

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