How-To: Store Winter Items

By catherine | April 15, 2013

Image via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest

Now that you’re inspired to transition your wardrobe, here’s a more detailed how-to for storing winter items.

Quick-tip: If you’ve found holes in your clothing, try placing items in the freezer for 30 minutes before you take them to be professionally cleaned. This should kill any moths or moth balls remaining on your clothes!

  1. Dry clean your cashmere, silk, and wool pieces, this also helps to rid them of moths. Place lavender or cedar balls in the canvas container of your choosing with with these items.
  2. Wrap your cashmere sweaters in archival or acid free tissue before storing them. This keeps wrinkles out and bugs at bay.
  3. Assess your leather and suede items for scuffs and general wear and tear. Make sure to treat items that need it before storing them. Dallas ladies-we love Deno’s! Where do you go for leather and suede treatment needs?
  4. If you plan to store winter purses, make sure you stuff them with newspaper or tissue paper so they keep their shape.
  5. Storing boots? Make sure to use boot shapers so they keep their shape in storage.

Let us know your favorite tips and tricks for storing winter items!

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