How-To: Mentally Prepare for Your Spring Cleaning Project

By catherine | April 5, 2013

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Planning is key.

So you’ve picked your spring cleaning project. In fact, you picked it months (maybe years) ago. Having a hard time getting started? What you need is a plan! Here are my best tips for getting mentally prepared to start your major spring cleaning project.

Before you begin, write down your goal for the project and most importantly the reason why you want to achieve it. Display your goal in the room where you will be working so that you are constantly reminded of it along the way.

Quick Tip: Take a minute to visualize the end result and how you will feel when the project is complete.

Next, plan your project schedule. Think about how you work best. Can you focus for two hour time blocks? Maybe just 15 minute spurts? Do you work best alone? Does having a friend to chat with pass the time? Figure out how you work best and break your tasks up to fit your most productive schedule and environment. Don’t forget to schedule a pick-up or drop-off time for recycling or donating unwanted items. Do this immediately after your project is complete. You’d be amazed at what winds up back in your home if you don’t. 

Create a playlist to listen to while you work. Turn this into a personal incentive method by adding new songs to the list, then don’t allow yourself listen to them until you begin the project! This always helps me motivate to get started!

Once you begin, don’t forget to take breaks if you start to feel overwhelmed. Even just 10 minutes away from the project can clear your mind. Be your own cheerleader and dive right back in the game refreshed and energized. Don’t forget to look back to your goals during moments of exhaustion and remember to visualize that “feed good” moment when your task is complete.

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Last but certainly not least, it is important to create personal incentives to ensure you complete your task to the very end. People often tell me that they have tried to start projects on their own but never end up finishing them. When I ask, most often people failed to define a reward for themselves. This is the fun part! Personally, I like to treat myself to a favorite gluten free goodie from Tu-lus Bakery after a job well done!

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How will you reward yourself when your project is complete!?

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