How to Complete a Nagging Task

By whitney | September 10, 2012

Do It

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September 10th is National Do It Day and to celebrate we have put together a few tips to help you tackle any nagging task that keeps failing to get checked off the list.

  • Start by breaking the task down into smaller parts. Do you need to sort through a year’s worth of pictures? Begin by locating and grouping the photos together. Once you know what you’re working with, set a timer and sort for a designated time that suits your attention span.
  • Reward yourself for making progress: 30 minutes of your favorite show after completing a sorting.
  • Think long-term. How is completing this task going to contribute to my long term goals?
  • Figure out what motivates you. It may be praise from your family for getting the photos into albums for everyone to view or the self-satisfaction of completing something. Whatever it is, use it.
  • Visualize the success you’ll feel after the task is completed and use it to keep going. For example, you’ve always wanted your family to have their photos in a way they can be viewed and cherished and you are making it happen!
  • If visualizing and reminding yourself the reasons you are doing the task doesn’t serve as enough motivation, give yourself a consequence for not finishing. For instance, deny yourself watching your favorite show at ALL until you’ve completed a round of sorting.
  • Also, remind yourself how you will feel if you don’t get the task done. Stressed, disappointed or guilt-ridden? No fun.
  • Continue through lulls in motivation by repeating the reason you want to complete the task and you will prevail!

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