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By catherine | April 18, 2012

Friends and clients always ask me about hangers and what they should use in their closets. My answer: the fewer types of hangers the better. Our closets contain so many styles, colors, and shapes of items as it is, that adding 10 different types of hangers to the mix, makes your closet feel even more cluttered. It’s best to pick 1 to 2 types of hangers-max, and use them to outfit your whole closet. As a general rule of thumb, start out by selecting the hanger you already have the most of in your closet and work towards switching the others out over time. I like clear plastic hangers which you can pick up anywhere from Target to the Container Store.  I use these hangers  for everything, except pants.

Jumble Hangers clean hangers

For pants, I prefer using a slack hanger. Pants hang easily over the sturdy solid bar and the open front makes grabbing them and putting them away a snap. Word of warning: stay clear of those wire dry cleaning hangers. They create major creases in your pants, plus they bend and break easily.

slack hangers

The slack hangers were a game changer for me in the pashminas department. As a pashmina lover, there are way too many in my closet. I use to fold them on a shelf, but the “neat” stack i was hoping for was mostly a jumbled mess because 3 or 4 were constantly being knocked on the floor to get to the one I needed.  Hanging the pashminas makes it really easy to see, access and put them away.

pashminas on a slack hanger

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