Get your Patio and BBQ Summer Ready

By whitney | June 4, 2013


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It’s time to get your porch or patio (the best part of any house in my opinion) SUMMER READY!

  • Start with a deep clean. Hose of the ground and wash any pillows or cushions. To get the cushions their cleanest, wait until a nice sunny day, lay them out on the patio, and get a sponge with a bucket of soapy water. Scrub down both sides of the cushion then hose them off, stick them back on the chairs, pull the chair out under the sun and leave them to dry. Also, wipe down any table tops or surfaces that may have been neglected. After one side of the cushions are dry flip it over.

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  • If you have a grill, it’s important to give it a some TLC. According to here are the appropriate steps to getting your grill back to tip top shape:

1. Remove the grates and wash with hot soapy water.

2. Wipe down the connections, lines and lid (inside and out) with hot soapy water.

3. Remove old or dirty lava rocks and replace with new ones.

4. Check the burner. If it looks good visually, light the BBQ and make sure it is supplying an even flame. If not, then replace it. Most burners only last about 2 seasons, depending on how often you use your BBQ.

5. While the grates and lava rocks are out, clean up any grease or ash that may have accumulated on the bottom of the barbecue.

6. Clean the Venturi tubes that supply gas to the burner. Bugs, dirt and grease can clog them over the winter and prevent full gas supply from coming through.

7. Check your cleaning brush, BBQ mitts and utensils. If any are worn or dirty, replace with new tools.

Photo via Lavender Biscuit

Photo via Lavender Biscuit

  • Bugs, especially mosquitoes are always an issue when enjoying the outdoors. Investing in citronella candles and bug spray are always go to methods. If you want to go a more natural route, there are bug fighting plants that may do the trick. Also, Southern Living suggests its helpful to clear out underbrush around trees and shrubs and avoid planting thick vegetation where bugs thrive.

Now that we’ve got cleaning and bugs taken care of, we can move on to the fun stuff! Here are some quick and easy ways to refresh your patio:

  • Rearrange the furniture. For the best look, be sure to have a focal point such as the best view or an outdoor fireplace and work the furniture around that.

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  • Update throw pillows.
  • Add plants for a pop of color. Check out these summer shade and sun plants perfect for patio life.
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Photo via Google

  • String new lights or lanterns to brighten it up!

Now get out there and enjoy your rejuvenated and relaxing space!

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