Generous Giving

By whitney | December 17, 2013

Photo via Google

Photo via Google

We often struggle with what to give our loved ones for Christmas. We all already have so many things and we don’t want to feel like we are just adding to others pile of possessions. The solution? Giving to a charity that is close their hearts. Oprah Magazine had an awesome article on charities to fit everyone’s different passions and I wanted to share a few of my favorites.

For the Reader: $5 pays the shipping cost for 10 gently uses children’s books collected in U.S. drives to children in rural Africa.

For the Veteran: $10 supplies energy bars and bottled water to disabled veterans for handcycle races.

For the Farmer: $30 buys a bee hive for a rural family (in over 40 countries, including the U.S) so they can profit from beekeeping, which can double fruit and vegetable production.

For the Animal Lover: $25 provides a puppy kits for a new service guide dog. Kit includes a leash, a collar, food and bowls.

For the Cook: $60 supplies meals to a household in one of the programs at the New York Foundling, a nonprofit helping underserved families and developmentally disabled adults.

For the Outdoorsy: $80 protects one mile of the Appalachian Trail for 24 days by picking up transportation and equipment costs for volunteers who gather trash and care for flora along the route.

A little giving can go a long way!

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