DIY Pantry Labels

By whitney | May 16, 2013

DIY Labels

We recently had a client who wanted a tune up on her pantry organization. She already had adorable baskets from Container Store that stored all her crackers, chips, nuts, daughters’ snacks, etc., but she was still having a hard time finding things. The solution? LABELS!!! We’ve been known to have a little label obsession here at all in a row, but it’s only because they honestly work wonders. Our client didn’t want anything too fancy, and  she wanted the labels to have the ability to attach to her baskets. We decided to use Avery Name Tag Badges with the safety pin on the back, and Microsoft Word to create the label.

After purchasing your labels, you’ll want to go under the “Mailings” tab in Microsoft Word and select “Labels.” From there, select the Avery style number (the packaging will indicate the style number), and Microsoft Word will format the page to your label size. Now comes the exciting part! Get creative with the font and border options and find a style the suits you! Here a few of the choices we had our client pick from, but the options are pretty endless. Have fun!

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