By whitney | September 12, 2013

Photo via Add Space to Life

Photo via Add Space to Life

How does living with people who collect clutter affect you or how is your clutter affecting others? Well you guessed it, negatively. Clutter can speak volumes to others without our knowledge.

Let me get you up to speed on a few assumptions that housemates make from clutter:

  • You don’t respect me and are trying to establish control over the relationship. For example, your husband constantly living his dirty clothes on the ground, after you have made it clear it upsets you, makes you feel like he is trying to undermine the relationship and show you who is boss.
  • Our family is not your top priority. A pile of clutter could signify to others that you care more about your possessions than your relationship with them. When clutter spreads and takes over it can be just as damaging to relationships as problems like intimacy, money and raising kids.
  • You are stuck in the past. Clinging to mass amounts of old items can make your partner feel like you miss the past and haven’t embraced your new life with them.

What is your clutter saying to your loved ones? Talk to those your clutter is affecting and see the situation from their eyes. Knowing how they view your actions may be hurtful but it is the first step to taking control of clutter and saving relationships.

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