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By whitney | October 23, 2012

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Welcome to the Closet of a Professional Organizer! Catherine has so graciously allowed me to take a tour of her closet to share the organization ideas that work best for her. I think you will quickly see that being organized is not about having everything looking perfect. Rather, it’s about arranging your items in a way that works for you and that gives you instant access to the things you love and use!

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Decide the kind of hanger you like and stick with it. This keeps your closet looking clean and keeps your focus on the clothing rather than a hodgepodge of hangers. You can go fancy or functional. Catherine likes these clear plastic hangers because they are inexpensive, sturdy, allow the clothes to hold their shape and their transparency makes the clothes standout. Always stay away from wire hangers if possible which tend to stretch or mangle clothing. Also, it’s important to note how you actually look for articles of clothing. Organize your clothes with regard to this first and then by color. For example, Catherine has done hers by sleeve type: sleeveless, short-sleeve and long sleeve and then by color in each. But you can do them by style: work, causal, or nighttime, whatever makes sense to you!

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Catherine hangs her pants on slack hangers pictured above which can be purchased at The Container Store. These hangers keep the pants wrinkle free and easily accessible.

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Slack hangers can also double as scarf hangers. Rather than having scarves folded up or in a container, hanging them allows you to view them easily and keeps them from getting wadded up.

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Dresses work best where you have full length hanging space. The standard length to allow is 64 inches.

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Catherine uses “breathable” cotton garment bags (also found at The Container Store) to store her formal wear. These types of bags keep lesser-worn clothes protected from dust and moths and separated from clothing worn on a regular basis.

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Catherine has a few different tactics for storing her shoes. For her flats, flip flops and wedges (really anything but heels) she makes use of built in shelves and shelf risers to double her space! Shelf risers work wonders for many spaces, and these particular shelf risers can be found in the kitchen section of The Container Store.

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For her heels, Catherine has a shoe rack that allows one shoe to be placed in front of the other. Organizing them this way rather than beside their mate allows you to fit in more pairs and prevents shoes from getting “lost” in the back.

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Catherine has her jewelry zone on top of her dresser. She has acrylic necklace and bracelet holders (The Containers Store), a tray for her daily bracelets, and a childhood box for her rings. Incorporating your keepsakes in daily life honors their memory and brings you joy being able to use them. This is much better than cramming your keepsakes in a box in the attic.

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The first drawer of Catherine’s dresser is dedicated to earrings. Using jewelry trays found at The Container Store, she is able to separate pairs of earrings from each other making them easy to see and preventing them getting tangled. These trays come in different sizes that you can mix and match to fit your space. She also loves that the bright green makes the jewelry “pop!”

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Catherine uses shelf dividers to keep her clutches upright and orderly, and she organizes her clutches by color. She keeps her handbags on a built-in shelf, and she’s careful not to stack them more than two deep so she can always view what she has.

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She also fills her handbags with newspaper so they will keep their shape while being stored. Another great tip she has is to fill handbags with shoe bags that often people never know what to do with.

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Catherine stores her belts in a slotted basket via The Container Store. She rolls them to keep their shape and the basket works well because it can be tucked away since she doesn’t wear them often.

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The always ornery pantyhose are easily contained by this pantyhose separator from The Container Store. It keeps them from getting jumbled and prevents pulls.

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In bins on the top shelf of her closet, Catherine has stowed rarely-used items such as travel clothes and fly fishing gear. They are out of the way, clearly labeled, and have a home where she can access them at any time.

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She has her travel items stored in bins in the corner of her closet ready to be grabbed next time she packs for a trip.

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Catherine didn’t originally have full length mirrors in her bathroom or closet so she added them to the back of the closet door-a necessity when dressing!

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Catherine keeps her laundry basket in the corner with her extra hangers above it. Grouping unused hangers makes them easy to grab when hanging clean clothes but also removing them from the rack when they aren’t being used allows more space and a clean, uncluttered feel.

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Catherine has added photos and memorabilia to her closet walls, making it a fun place to be in. Closets are perfect place to display memories, from old collages you made as a kid to photos of your parents’ wedding. Your closet is your space. Make it a place that works for you and an area of your home that you enjoy spending time in!

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And last, but certainly not least, Catherine has a chandelier, because every girl needs a touch of glamour in her closet.

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