Closet Spring Cleaning Week

By catherine | April 8, 2013

Organizing your closet can be one of the most daunting and time consuming projects to undertake. Often, people avoid beginning closet projects because they have let the task become so overwhelming and intimidating that they don’t know where to begin!

Enter-Closet Spring Cleaning Week!

Hopefully, after last week you’re feeling motivated to begin spring cleaning, what better place to start than in your closet? It’s a place each of us spends a considerable amount of time in. Therefore, it is essential that your closet is organized to fit your lifestyle. The mental stress of rifling through an unorganized closet can be taxing. You’ll be amazed how big an impact a refreshed closet can have on your morning routine, not to mention your mental health!

Check out how I organize my closet for general tips and tricks in this post.

Quick tip: Remember our Take 10 Challenge? Try it out this week!

What’s your favorite closet organizing trick?

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