Clean Out your Closets Month: Master

By whitney | January 9, 2014

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

January is Clean Out your Closets Month! In honor if this awesome holiday, we are going to do a series on quick organizing tips for different closets. Although most of us do not have a master closet like the picture above, we can make are closet a haven of organization that sends us out into the world on a good note! To whip your closet into shape follow the below tips:

  • Instead of trying to tackle your closet all at once, divide and conquer. On Monday look through your shoes, Wednesday your top hanging rack, Thursday your bottom hanging rack. Continue in this pattern until you’ve gone through every section of your closet and pulled out any items that you don’t love, don’t fit or need to be repaired. Designate these clothes in 3 piles for friends, donation, or to be taken to the tailor.
  • After you’ve removed the above items, group like with like. I prefer to do my hanging clothing by sleeve type and then color coded within that but if it makes more sense to do it by how you wear it- work out, work, going out, etc. do it like that! Ask yourself how you would look for the clothing when getting dressed and that will help you determine how they need to be grouped.
  • When deciding the location of clothing/accessories- think of what you access the most and always give these items the prime closet real estate. Items used infrequently can go up high and out of the way.
  • Invest in good hangers (not wire) and preferably the same kind. This streamlines your closet and makes it look significantly more organized.

Hopefully this will get you started and remember you control your stuff, never let it control you!

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