Clean Out your Closets Month: Entry Closet

By whitney | January 14, 2014

Entry Closet

Photo via Real Simple

Oh, the entry closet, home to the most random items in our home. Don’t have a place for something, how about the entry closet? It’s time to reclaim this closet with purpose! Follow the quick tips below:

  • Before you take action, start by defining your goal for the closet and how you would like for it to function. For example, would you like it to serve as a place for conveniently storing shoes and jackets?
  • Then, take everything out of the closet and give it a good dusting/scrub down.
  • Next, sort the closet contents by like items so you can take inventory of what you have. Once your items are grouped, remove anything that you no longer love or use or anything that does not belong there.
  • For the items you are ready to let go of, make a donate pile. For the items that belong somewhere else, take them back to their original home or make them a new home.
  • Once you have only the contents that match your goal for the closet, put them back in a way that makes sense. This means that you should think of how the items are used in relation to where they should be placed. Only wear your snow boots for a month? Place them up high until they are needed.
  • The- key is to make everything accessible and for every item to have a home. This may mean purchasing two containers to keep gloves and hats separate. Or you could add hooks to the back of the door to hang jackets because you are unlikely to hang them on a hanger. Think about how you use things and what works for you!

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