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Clean Out your Closets Month: Utility

By whitney | January 28, 2014

An organized utility closet will be your best friend. Utility closets can store everything from cleaning supplies and vacuums, to light bulbs, batteries, and tool kits. Ideally, you should be able to find anything you might need at a moment’s glance.  Real Simple has an awesome article on some out-of-the-box organizing containers for improved accessibility. [...]

Clean Out your Closets Month: Linen

By whitney | January 21, 2014

The linen closet often falls into the same category as the junk drawer or entry closet – it’s a magnet for disorganization. We often can’t tell which sheets are what size or if we still have the pillow cases to match. Although folding the perfect fitted sheet will always be a mystery to me, below [...]

Clean Out your Closets Month: Entry Closet

By whitney | January 14, 2014

Oh, the entry closet, home to the most random items in our home. Don’t have a place for something, how about the entry closet? It’s time to reclaim this closet with purpose! Follow the quick tips below:

Before you take action, start by defining your goal for the closet and how you would like for it [...]

Clean Out your Closets Month: Master

By whitney | January 9, 2014

January is Clean Out your Closets Month! In honor if this awesome holiday, we are going to do a series on quick organizing tips for different closets. Although most of us do not have a master closet like the picture above, we can make are closet a haven of organization that sends us out into [...]

Fearless Goal Setting

By whitney | January 3, 2014

You have your new resolutions in hand, our good friend Angela Wagner has a foolproof method to setting goals and seeing them through!

For more information about Angela’s story see our Inspiring Women series and go to!

Generous Giving

By whitney | December 17, 2013

We often struggle with what to give our loved ones for Christmas. We all already have so many things and we don’t want to feel like we are just adding to others pile of possessions. The solution? Giving to a charity that is close their hearts. Oprah Magazine had an awesome article on charities to [...]

America Recycles

By whitney | November 15, 2013

Today is America Recycles Day! The importance of recycling has become alarmingly apparent, and we are all capable of doing our part. Recycling paper, plastic, and glass has become more accessible through the opening of local recycling centers and convenient curbside pick up, but many of us run into problems with what to do with [...]

Halloween Leftovers

By whitney | October 28, 2013

Once Halloween has come and gone, we are often left with a surplus of stuff. Although we may want to keep our costume for another year or snack on the candy until Thanksgiving, there are many options for the items we are ready to pass on.

Pumpkins can be composted or broken into chunks and spread [...]


By whitney | September 27, 2013

We’d like to wrap up our series on Self Improvement Month with a post about how clutter hinders efficiency. Clutter can not only negatively affect your life at the office, but can also have damaging effects on your social and home life. According to, there are 5 ways clutter affects your concentration. See if [...]


By whitney | September 12, 2013

How does living with people who collect clutter affect you or how is your clutter affecting others? Well you guessed it, negatively. Clutter can speak volumes to others without our knowledge.
Let me get you up to speed on a few assumptions that housemates make from clutter:

You don’t respect me and are trying to establish [...]