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By whitney | August 2, 2012

Back to school

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Back to school time is always exciting but can also be a tad stressful.

We’ve put together some tips to guide you through this time of year and make it as easy as A-B-C!

  • Look at your child’s school dress code when going back to school shopping to avoid having to return any clothing.
  • To save time and cut back on the stress of running to multiple stores, pick a time to go school supply shopping and try to select a store that will have most of what you need (i.e. Target or Walmart)
  • Plan easy breakfast and lunch options that you can always have ready in your pantry as go to staples.
  • Begin getting the kids up earlier in the morning a week before it starts to ease crankiness during the first few weeks.
  • If possible, organize a carpool. The kids will have a safe and reliable ride and you will get a couple mornings off!
  • Get a family calendar; put it up in a central location and write down everyone’s activities to keep the gang on the same page. Martha Stewart has a great option, always classic and pretty.
  • Lay out clothes and make sure backpacks are packed the night before to prevent running late and last minute scrambles in the morning.
  • Create a “homework center” (an inbox tray would work great) and a specific location for each child’s backpack. That way, when they walk in the door after school they’ll know exactly where to place their homework, and they’ll have a home for their backpack preventing a no-mans land and things getting misplaced.

Just doing a few of these little things can make a positive difference in starting and maintaining a calmer and collective school year!

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