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By whitney | November 15, 2013

Photo via Pinterest

Photo via Pinterest

Today is America Recycles Day! The importance of recycling has become alarmingly apparent, and we are all capable of doing our part. Recycling paper, plastic, and glass has become more accessible through the opening of local recycling centers and convenient curbside pick up, but many of us run into problems with what to do with recyclables we might consider more “non-traditional.” You may find yourself wondering, “Where do I take old house paint or my retired desk top computer?”
We are here to help! See below for where to recycle more unusual items and remember that although it will take a little extra effort to get them to the right place, you are doing the earth-friendly thing!

-Electronics- Best Buy recycles pretty much anything electronic you can think of: batteries, computers, phones, DVDs, appliances, and even exercise equipment. For a full list, go to their website and select your state.

-Chemicals- Anything with hazardous’ ingredients such as paint, cleaners, lawn and garden chemicals, craft supplies, and automotive chemicals needs to be recycled properly and safely. Google your town name and the words “chemical recycling” to find  the closest disposal/recycle location. Ours in Dallas is only open certain days, so be sure check their hours.

-Mattresses- There are local groups that will pick up mattresses for recycling. Again, Google your town name and “mattress recycling” to find the group nearest you. Some places may charge for the pickup, but your clear conscience will be well worth it. In Dallas try Mattress Pick Up Dallas or Sleep Experts.

For a complete list of where to take unusual items got to Earth 911, type in your zip, and find out where to go!

As always, donating to charity is a form of recycling, and online programs like FreeCycle allow you to post anything you are ready to let go of for locals in your area to come take off your hands.

See what is going on in your area for America Recycles Day and get recycling!

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