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By whitney | September 27, 2013

We’d like to wrap up our series on Self Improvement Month with a post about how clutter hinders efficiency. Clutter can not only negatively affect your life at the office, but can also have damaging effects on your social and home life. According to, there are 5 ways clutter affects your concentration. See if [...]

Love Your Files Week

By whitney | September 17, 2013

September 16th- 20th is Love Your Files Week! Obviously everyone already knew that:)
In honor of this organizing holiday we have complied some of our favorite aesthetically pleasing file options. If its fun to look at, you are more likely to keep it up!

See Jane Work

The Container Store

Martha Stewart Home Office at Staples


Monogrammed from the Preppy [...]


By whitney | September 12, 2013

How does living with people who collect clutter affect you or how is your clutter affecting others? Well you guessed it, negatively. Clutter can speak volumes to others without our knowledge.
Let me get you up to speed on a few assumptions that housemates make from clutter:

You don’t respect me and are trying to establish [...]

Unhealthy Habits

By whitney | September 5, 2013

Although it seems more obvious that clutter can have an affect on your mental health, few people know how clutter can affect you physically. The environment in which we live is an extension of who we are and has a profound impact on our well-being. According to Web MD clutter causes numerous [...]

September Home Organizing To-Do List

By whitney | September 2, 2013

Happy September!
1. Celebrate Self Improvement Month! Pick 1 thing you want to improve then set goals and steps to get going in a positive direction.
2. Make it easy. Now that school is back in session, identify your kids snacking needs and set up a zone in your pantry or kitchen where snacks are accessible.
3. Unplug. [...]