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Take 10 Challenge

By whitney | July 12, 2012

It’s time to be challenged! It’s only a small challenge but it can have BIG results.
Are you ready??

Step 1: Pick a time of day (mornings, afternoon, midnight, whatever works best for you)
Step 2: Set a timer for 10 minutes
Step 3: Go around the house and attack your clutter. Go through mail, a random pile on [...]

“Safety, Shelter, and Strength”

By whitney | July 12, 2012

We are constantly taking items from clients to be donated and have visited almost every donation center in the area.
My personal favorite donation spot is the Genesis Women’s Shelter. Genesis provides shelter, safety and counseling for domestic violence victims and their children with a 24-hour hotline, emergency shelter, transitional home, counseling, play therapy and many [...]

Best Recycling Spot

By whitney | July 12, 2012

Best Buy is a great place to recycle basically anything that is electronic or relates to electronics.
They take the obvious items such as TV’s and computers but they also accept everything from scales, hair dryers, treadmills, toasters, sewing machines and car radios.
To see the complete list click on the link below.
Plus you feel great about [...]

Wise Walsh

By whitney | July 11, 2012

Peter Walsh is by far my favorite organizing guru. His advice is logical, direct and sticks with you. I’ve compiled some of my favorite Peter Walsh quotes from interviews. Enjoy!
“The words organic and organize have the same root. Organic makes me think of things that are fresh, natural, whole, and healthy—and organization brings the same [...]

Preserving Family History

By whitney | July 10, 2012

We were given a big project from a client who wanted his mother’s albums preserved by moving the photos into archive safe plastic sheets and placed into a binders.
Because  all the photos were different sizes we needed a flexible way to display them on the pages and discovered Photo Corners which allowed us to do [...]